Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Kosmocast #002vc. Part 1. English subtitles.

ARG "Die Zeit Wird Knapp" / "The Time Is Running Out"

This is my second ARG video podcast "Kosmocast", Part 1.
Now with English subtitles.
Sorry for sound, it's a little bit mono. :-)

Show notes.

Allgemein / General

* http://www.argnetcast.com/ (more about this in Part 2)
* http://www.unforum.net/
* http://forum.patmo.de
* http://www.vm-people.de (PMs of this ARG)
* http://www.folge-dem-kaninchen.de/ (Register website for ARGs by vm-people)

Ingame websites

* http://www.die-zeit-wird-knapp.de/ (Trail Website)
* http://ichsehewaswasdunichtsiehst.de
* http://flohs-zirkus.de
* http://maybach-Kreis.de
* http://www.kyte.tv/ch/dzwk/c=388899 (semi-ingame: streamings of live events)


* Mysterious Package: http://www.osaft.eu/2010/02/22/today-in-my-mailbox/ and http://www.spitzohr.de/2010/02/11/akte-harry-fanningham/
* ARG-Wiki: http://de.kaninchen-arg.wikia.com/wiki/Folge_dem_wei%C3%9Fen_Kaninchen_Wiki
* vm-people about this ARG
* Chicken House

Music used in this podcast: V.Ostrovsky/E.Khil